This City Sunrise Sings In Unison

This City Sunrise

This City Sunrise

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eat Words V. 1

His feet caress the pavement,
Grey, wet and cold
The rain on his face doesn't bother him,
The problem lies within his shoes
They are getting old; Full of holes.

Main concerns
A weary woe
Can't seem to shake all these vivid dreams
Out on a ledge, he wants to break limbs
Talk about his future, talk about friends
Laugh at his past
Fight to a verbal death
About the do's and don'ts and when it ends

Sitting in noisy environments
With headphones on
Between songs other sounds leak
Some almost sound the same - when the tune in his ears
matches the warm rumble in his feet

Underneath the stairs
In a childhood home
Gathered up into a wicked heap
The tales are too timid to tell
So it's back to wretched ways
Lips are trembling, never satisfied
Curious self, wading in the bitches blossom

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

It probably begins with G.

Shit has been pretty hectic for us the last month. Not that we've blogged about it much or anything, but I guess that's part of the reason. We've basically been three fools jamming 6 times a week, working on new album stuff and generally tightening up the loose screws.

I can't wait to have this new material all good to go. It's definitely a progression, which is almost cliche to say now. But, I'm super proud to be part of a band that can say that and genuinely mean it. 99% of our small but tight as shit fan base can agree with that, I'm sure.

Here's the catch - on October 22nd, 2009, we will no longer be This City Sunrise. The extreme journey and the amount of energy we have invested into what seems to be knocking down an always building brick wall has to end. Perhaps we dug ourselves a hole, perhaps our open minded nature to who we play with and how frequently further deepened that hole, perhaps not?

What is for sure, is after 4 years, the number of bands with names similar to ours playing hyper compressed, finger on the pro button music is a total detriment to who we are, what we believe in and how we approach music. This City Sunrise no longer represents us.

So at the beginning of our tour with Fear Before, we'll have a new name, a slew of new songs, new merchandise, and a new album underway.

Fucking stoked.

- Samuel. K

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

AFX Bizz.

The other night, our free tickets to Harry Potter 6 were declined for the second time!
Pays to check the small print...

In the end we used our time on something far bigger / badder / better - we lit the fire, consumed beer with good people, and constructed the king racetrack with Sams new (old) AFX set THAT HE FOUND IN A RUBBISH BIN!

New additions eh.

Friday, July 24, 2009


One the road again. To Sydney. Again.

Shit's been hectic (dope, devine, mean as) whilst we've been back in Melbourne the last week. We played with our new friends in La Dispute, went to another of their shows, finished up a new track and got wasted with our other new friends in Young Heretics.

New friends. Probably one of the best parts of being in a 'band' is meeting other 'bands' and coming to terms with all their lingo, ideals, quirks etc. 

New songs. We have around 12 basic things going on that we're slowly churning through to form full songs or nothing. Plus we have 4 songs already road tested for the album as well. So excited about getting this shit recorded, toured etc. Making plans is fun, and we have some pretty drastic plans.

Hit you'se back soon.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Broke the fuck down.

Ok, so, whilst I do hold a strange affliction with our new car - I mean, shit, it's OUR fuckin' car, yo' - it has really let us down at this very moment. Radiator death. That's the new name of our name by the way.

We are about 2 hours from Adelaide, and have to be there in 4. That's ok, I suppose. Parked the car at a mechanic, who happens to be right next door to a bar. Pokies too. So whilst we gamble our lacking band funds (other band name we almost decided on was 'Strapped For Cash' to coincide with our new Pop-Punk direction) we wait to see if Mr. Mechanic man (ie: God or Taxman, depending on result) can fix our car. (brackets for effect).

Shapes are good. XXXX beer is a bit shit, but cold. Pony bar was outrageously uncomfortable for most the night. 

I've honestly never been to a venue with so much impact from its smell alone. It's like hanging a dish cloth out without draining it clean, and then wiping it on your face after a marathon, then on your mate's nuts, the tiny gaps between his girlfriend's toes, soak it in flat beer for a month and then microwave it on medium for 1 minute. Smell it. That's Pony. Not even exaggerating.

Regardless, it's a sweet place with a lot of character. It's kind of like Valve back home. You can feel the love.

Here's a picture of the bar we are currently at:

I look like a fucking idiot, hooked up with my laptop.

If you read this before 7.30pm (it's 3.30pm now), then please, wish us luck for arriving on time. Please car, we love you.